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What We Do
In 2010, Domino’s launched its Smart Slice program, which features pizza that meets U.S. Department of Agriculture school lunch nutrition standards. Our stores have experience delivering school lunch orders and know how to handle the specific requirements needed to service each district and its needs. Domino’s Smart Slice has over 10 years of experience and is served in more than 900 districts and nearly 13,000 schools across the country.
Domino’s Smart Slice is the complete School Lunch Program. Domino’s Smart Slice pizza is built specifically to the needs of your school and can meet all USDA guidelines. It can be made with ingredients like 100% real lite mozzarella cheese, reduced fat/ reduced sodium pepperoni, and dough that’s rich in whole grain. Best of all, Smart Slice is handmade by your local Domino’s and delivered hot right to your school!